The Ideal Chair & Desk Set Up

Chair & Desk Setup

While the key to keeping your body in good health is movement, sometimes it just isn’t feasible to maintain the optimal amount of physical activity. It’s therefore important that you have your desk and chair set up in a way that at least tries to minimise the negative effects of desk posture.

1.      Use a standing desk if you can, with your eyes in line with the top of your monitor.

2.      Choose a chair that swivels, has an adjustable seat height, and good lumbar (lower spine) support.

3.      If your chair does not properly support your lumbar spine, use a lumbar spine support cushion.

4.      Set your chair and monitor height so that with your feet flat to the floor or on a foot rest, your hips are bent at no more than 90 degrees and your eyes are in line with the top of the monitor.

5.      Your keyboard and mouse should be at elbow height. Your elbows should be kept into your sides, and bent at around 90 degrees.

6.      Use a head set instead of holding a phone to your ear for prolonged periods.

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