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Jason Curtis (Jay)
Jason Curtis (Jay)Founder / Coach - 5S Fitness Ltd
Jason Curtis is the Founder of 5S Fitness Ltd. He is a highly experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach, who has worked with professional athletes from countless sports, specialising in both the development of elite level performance and reconditioning after injury.

Since leaving the British Army where he worked as an Army Physical Training Instructor, he has worked with 100’s of clients from the general public. Ranging from young children to elderly, those suffering from severe injuries and ailments, to those who just want to improve their fitness, strip fat and build lean muscle.

Jay enjoys coaching correct form and technique and loves to take high intensity sessions. Always pushing his clients to their limits, while taking the time to rehabilitate any previous injuries, correct postural issues and muscular imbalances. He always ensures his clients are kept in tiptop condition while achieving their sporting and fitness goals.

If you’re looking for a coach that is not afraid to push you hard and has the knowledge and experience to take your training to the next level, while dealing with any specific needs you may have… Then Jay is the coach for you.

He is also an experienced Boxer and a Muay Thai instructor and can implement these styles of training into your sessions.

James Skelham (Jim)
James Skelham (Jim)Coach - 5S Fitness Ltd
James Skelham spent 2 years as a Physical Training Instructor in the British Army training recruits with Jason Curtis. During his 8 year military career James had completed several tours as a sniper and reconnaissance operator.

He thoroughly believes that we should strive to perform as good as we look and so massively enjoys Strength & Conditioning based programs with huge emphasis placed on Olympic lifting and the Powerlifts, while also incorporating strongman training, High Intensity Interval sessions and old school body building.

Jim has worked with several rugby teams and is an avid fan of rugby league, playing it during his time in the infantry and rugby union whilst away in South Africa. He is a huge believer in hard training and heavy lifting, but also prefers a flexible life to balance the scales of rigorous training with a fun lifestyle.

Lisa Ashcroft
Lisa AshcroftCoach - 5S Fitness Ltd
Lisa has spent years progressing her training and nutrition, constantly striving to develop programmes that are specifically designed to meet her every need and goal. Over the many years of trialling different training methods and diets she has found a passion for Strength training and metabolic conditioning, knowing that in order to stimulate changes in the body, we need to work to high intensities and take ourselves outside of our comfort zones.

She has also developed a keen knowledge of nutrition and how to best develop nutritional programmes that are tailor made to suit each and every client. Diet and nutrition is not about stripping away as many calories as we can, it’s about finding the right balance that is going to help you achieve your goals, while also being sustainable long term.

If you’re looking for a coach that is not only going to make sure that your training is of the highest standard, but will also ensure that you maintain a healthy and nutritious diet and lifestyle, then Lisa is the coach for you.