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Q. What does “5S” stand for?

A. 5S stands for:

Strength / Speed / Stamina / Suppleness / Skill

These 5 S’s encompass all the components of fitness.

Q. What is Strength & Conditioning?

A. 5S define Strength & Conditioning as the physical and physiological development of an individual for a specific need or goal.

It encompasses all aspects of physical training, taking an educated approach to programming exercise. Combining barbell training with specific development of overall conditioning, ranging from speed, agility and quickness, to cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance.

Q. Is 5S suitable for all abilities?

A. Yes, here at 5S, our coaches will tailor every exercise to suit the needs of each and every individual.

From elite level athletes, to individuals who struggle to get off the couch, we can cater for all abilities.

Q. How many sessions a week should I do at 5S?

A. We recommend anywhere between 2 & 5 sessions a week depending how advanced you are and which classes you are attending.

Our coaches can assess you current schedule and goals and come up with the best programming for you.

Q. Can I cancel my 5S Facility membership at any time?

A. Yes once you cancel your membership the next payment will not be taken and you can carry on using the facility for 28 days after your last payment.

Q. Is there a cancellation policy on private sessions?

A. Yes, you must cancel an hour before morning sessions or before midday for evening sessions otherwise the full session price is incurred. There is a No-refund policy on block bookings and all sessions must be completed within 4 months.

Q. How do I become a 5S accredited coach?

A. Contact 5S with details of any qualifications/certifications and experience. If we have slots available we will put you through our 5S accreditation scheme, which can be done full time or part time.

 Q. How do I become a 5S sponsored athlete?

A. Contact 5S with details about your sport and the level at which you compete.

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