Personal Training – The General Public & Athletes

I have 5 personal training sessions today on top of 6 classes.

I programme specifically for each client, usually working it in 2-3 week blocks. Every 2-3 weeks the programming is re-assessed, aiming to constantly improve the training and optimise results.

I am currently working on another 3 week phase for my client Hil who primarily strength trains. We work off a split of Squat, Push and Pull based sessions, and incorporate strongwoman training on her 4th session on a Friday.

The majority of my clients have more generalised goals of getting fitter and stronger. However, I also programme for a few boxers, MMA fighters, various distance runners (Ultra athletes), OCR athletes, skiers, and many more.

It is always interesting to take on athletes from various sports as it gives you incentives to research new techniques and sports specific training methods.

Over the weekend I have planned another 10 books that are based on strength training for various sports. I know the basic overview of every book and the exercises that will make up the basis of the programme in the last chapter. However, I always like to do a lot of new research on the sports I am writing about, as It helps me to become engrossed in the subject.

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