26 05, 2017

CrossFit for Athletes?

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I often get athletes asking me if they should do CrossFit to get fit for their sport… So, I’m going to assess the pros and cons. The main pro to CrossFit is the fact it’s going to get you incredibly “fit” (general term) and increase mental toughness… The workouts are inherently hard! However, as I’m [...]

15 05, 2017

Born Survivor 2017!

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Had a blast at the weekend running the Born Survivor with Team 5S! Had a 4th place finish from our Elite team... Every member of the main team finished with no injuries, and the kids team smashed it! Met up with our friends from Anvil Strength & Conditioning who built the huge 5S Rig... Really [...]

15 05, 2017

5S Athlete Born Survivor – Road to World Champs!

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5S Athlete Shaun Wilde - 4th Place on this weekends Born Survivor. 10km + Obstacles completed in 58 minutes. Great bit of training ready for Spartan Race next weekend and the OCR World Championships in mid October... Going for a podium finish! ...Looking forward to co-writing/designing some specific training programmes with Shaun for the Runners [...]

1 05, 2017

Training Variable – Toughness

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People often talk about the PlayStation generation and how they have no physical robustness... This is true to a certain extent, however I believe it to be more down to a lack of "Toughness". One of the most important elements people (of all ages) miss from their training is "Toughness"... Don't get me wrong, people [...]

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