2208, 2018

The Truth About the Spine

The Truth About the Spine I have seen a lot of vids recently showing the Jefferson Curl. They get a lot of attention because they show an individual rounding (bending) their spine (including the lumbar spine) while under load.   The spine can bend and twist and of course it is healthy for it to do so. The real question is, what is the correct way to load different positions [...]

1004, 2018

Muscle Anatomy for Coaches

Muscle Anatomy for Coaches Muscle Actions One of the most common beliefs of personal trainers and coaches is that “you don’t need an in-depth knowledge of anatomy to be a good trainer”. This is completely right, you don’t. In fact, telling a client that their Rectus Femoris originates on the Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine, and inserts through the Patella onto the Tibial Tuberosity will more than likely go straight over [...]

504, 2018

Neck Pain & Posture

Upper back and neck pain is something I see a lot of (probably as much as I see low back pain). The first thing I look for in an individual with neck pain is the positioning of their head while standing, sitting and performing various movements. If you have forward posture, your neck extensors (muscles on the back of your neck) are going to be under extra stress, which can [...]

1303, 2018

Speed Lifting – Dynamic Effort Method

Here's a surefire way to increase your Strength/Power and smash any plateaus you might have hit! Speed/Dynamic Effort Lifting. It's essential that proper form and technique is used when lifting weights. It's even more essential that we have the strength in our structures to accommodate any negative stress lifting places on our soft tissues... You can still get injured while lifting with good form. Lifting slowly (and for high reps) [...]

801, 2018

The Deadlift

The deadlift is the king of the hinge and pull movements, and is the key to the development of strong, powerful hips. It should be noted that injuries are not just a matter of technique or poor form. Regardless of whether you lift correctly or not, if your soft tissues haven’t got the strength to handle the load (even with perfect form), injuries such as straining your lower back muscles [...]

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