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Personal Training

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All 5S coaches are highly experienced Strength & Conditioning Coaches, specialising in areas such as Olympic Lifting, Sports Rehabilitation, Sport & Remedial Massage, Exercise Referral, Obesity & Diabetes, Low Back pain and Corrective Exercise.

Our personal trainers will develop a bespoke training programme that is specific to your needs and goals. Consultations are Free and in these we will discuss exactly what you want to gain from the sessions and how we can best help you to achieve your goals.

Whilst training at 5S Fitness we will not only take responsibility for your exercise regime, but also for all your sports therapy and nutritional needs, taking the time to rehabilitate any previous injuries, correct postural issues, muscular imbalances and asymmetries.

Group sessions can also be booked for 2-6 people. Training with family and friends can make sessions all the more enjoyable and allows you to help motivate each other.

Home visits can be booked for the individual session price.

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