24 06, 2017

Why I don’t like the “Transformation” Model.

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The one reason I don’t like “Transformation” training and nutrition (diet) models, is simply because most of the academia I read on the subject shows over 90% relapse rates.   If a surgeon were to recommend a “great surgery” that has over a 90% rate of total relapse and often increased symptoms after i.e. Extra [...]

5 06, 2017

The System – A 5S Programme

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The System Test 1RM's to start. Macrocycle – 15 Weeks - Retest 1RM’s at the end of the 15 weeks. Mesocycles – 3 Weeks – Up percentages by 2.5% after each mesocycle (5 in each macrocycle). Microcycles – 1 Week (3 in each mesocycle) -  3 Sessions a week  Split the 3 Sessions between - Squat [...]

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