401, 2018

The Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a ballistic hip hinge movement that develops explosive hip extension and will helps to increase athletic performance. Ballistic movements perform maximum acceleration and velocity over short periods of time. It is essential that both the upward and downward phases of this lift are completed with good speed. Ballistic movements are commonly associated with injuries because a during a fast movement it is harder to maintain control [...]

2812, 2017

How to Smash Your New Year’s Resolutions!

You’ve guessed it, the most popular new year’s resolution is along the lines of workout more, lose weight, get huge etc. However, numerous studies have shown that as low as 8% of people succeed, and many barely last the month! The underlying reason is because you can’t rely on motivation. Motivation comes and goes, of course you are going to be ultra motivated in the new year... The key is [...]

2612, 2017

Planning to Run in 2018?

I'm sure many of you are planning to do lots of the running in the new year, and this is because running is awesome for your health and fitness! Not only is running great for you, it’s a hugely diverse sport, with countless variations from the 100m sprint on a track, to a 100-mile ultra-marathon across a desert. It is also an integral component of many other sports. For example, [...]

2412, 2017

Your Spine Can Bend

Your spine is designed to bend... Of course it is, otherwise it wouldn't be designed with facet joints that allow movement. However, the spine is not designed to be repeatedly bent and twisted! 🔷Bend / "Hinge" with you hips. 🔷Rotate with your hips & thoracic spine. 🔷Reach for something on a low shelf by stepping forward, push your bum back (hinge) and protract your shoulder. You are never going to [...]

111, 2017

Low Back Pain Programme

Low back pain is pain, muscle tension, or stiffness localized below the costal margin (bottom of your ribs) and above the inferior gluteal folds (bottom of your buttocks), with or without sciatica, and is defined as chronic when it persists for 12 weeks or more. Note, the programme I have designed is for those suffering with what is often referred to as "non-specific low back pain". Non-specific (or Simple or Mechanical) low back pain [...]

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