5S Athlete Jane – Ultra-Athlete!

Jane is a 51 year old endurance athlete based in Staffordshire who runs ultramarathons. She has completed 14 races so far with her biggest ultra on May 19th, the Chester 100, her first 100-miler! 

Words from Jane:

“I do strength & conditioning twice a week – thanks to Jason for his tailored programmes – Pilates once a week and cross train with Nordic Walking and cycling. I train 6 times a week, twice a day and take one rest day sometimes two if I need to. 

I am coached by Gary House of RUNSTRONG and his help and advice has made a big difference, enabling me to complete some big events and stay injury-free too. He started coaching me nearly two years ago and prior to that I was suffering from recurring knee injuries plus a lack of preparation and a tendency to ‘wing it’ meant I was breaking down in ultras as a result. His coaching, an improved diet and Jason’s help has transformed my running and I can now handle increased mileage without incurring an injury. I get niggles but don’t we all. 

I have been running for 14 years and have 30 years background in sport which includes competitive badminton, martial arts and bodybuilding. I have also been a cycling time triallist and competed in Nordic Walking events. “

Jane’s race diary for this year is:

Chester 50  –  done!

Chester 100

The Wall (69 mile ultra along Hadrian’s Wall)

The Limestone Way Ultra

Escape from Meriden 

When programming for Jane, it is essential that I programme a fine balance between providing her with optimal strength gains, while ensuring the resistance sessions don’t negatively impact on other areas of her training – dedicating 2 hours a week to properly programmed strength training is an effective way to do this.


Remember, if you want to maximise performance and longevity, you need to build the strength to accommodate the stress running places on your structures… Running alone will not do this.

If you are interested in taking a more in-depth approach to the development of strength and mobility for running, grab a cop of my book here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Strength-Mobility-Exercises-Runners-performance/dp/1911267795/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526468780&sr=8-1&keywords=strength+and+mobility+for+runners


Here’s a final pic of Jane as Deadpool!

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