WANTED: New 5S Coach

JayWe are looking for a new 5S Coach to work 2 hours each morning 6am-8am / Mon-Fri.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Open Up the 5S Facility
  • Take the morning 5S Class (6:30am-07:30am / Mon-Fri)

These 10 hours will act as the coaches “gym rent” and from there the coach has full use of the 5S Facility as a “5S Coach” to carry out their own personal training and private group sessions (working at the same rates as the other 5S Coaches).

There will also be potential for the new 5S Coach to run other classes and workshops/seminars/competitions within the 5S Facility.

The new 5S Coach will have their profile uploaded onto the website and will be promoted through both the website and our social media pages.

Applicants must be a minimum of REP’s level 3 with an in depth knowledge of physical training, specifically Strength & Conditioning.

All successful applicants will be put through 5S Accreditation with 5S Coach Jay, where he will test their knowledge, coaching ability and suitability for the job… The most suited applicant will become the new 5S Coach!

For more information, contact Jay:

Call: 07592 015691

Email: info@5sfitness.co.uk

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