These are the 5 areas that encompass all the components of fitness

5S logo_smallerStrength – The maximal amount of force that a muscle can exert against some form of resistance, in one single effort. Combine this with Speed┬áto produce Power.

Speed – The ability to move across the ground or move limbs rapidly to Grab/Throw/Strike/Catch.

S.A.Q: Speed, Agility, Quickness – Agility is the Bodies ability to change position without losing Balance, this includes both static and dynamic balance.

Stamina – Encompasses Muscular Endurance, Strength Endurance and Cardio-Respiratory Endurance.

The ability of the muscles to maintain continuous force over a period of time or in the case of Strength endurance multiple maximal contractions.

The ability to continue supplying oxygen and nutrients and remove waste products to and from the body cells over periods of time.

Suppleness – Flexibility and Mobility.

The range of movement around a joint or a series of joints.

Skill – Cognitive/Perceptual/Motor

Encompasses Technique/Co-ordination/Balance/Reaction-time/Accuracy.

The ability to choose and perform the right techniques at the right time, successfully, regularly and with minimum effort.

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