Runners Prehab Programme

I have been putting a runners prehab programme together.

It will be completely FREE when you register your email on the 5S website (so we can send it to you… don’t worry, I don’t have the time to send you spam, wish I did).

Numerous studies show that a high percentage of both novice and professional runners are in pain or suffering from injuries as a direct result of the miles they are clocking up. It’s not uncommon for many of the runners I work with in the gym to have the perception that getting injured during their running regime is a given.

At the end of the day, physical training is stress, stress that stimulates an adaptation and in turn improvements in performance. However, physical stress should not be confused with injury and one of the major reasons runners get injured, is because they don’t have the required strength and endurance in the associated structures that help support all the stresses running places on them.

The “Runner Prehab Programme” is all about building the necessary strength, endurance and mobility required to keep your structure in good health, while at the same time, optimising performance… It’s win-win!

If you are interested in the programme, drop us an email and I will send it across to you.

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