Want Strong Abs?… Perform this Exercise!

Ab Roll-Outs

Ab roll-outs work your abs incredibly hard while requiring you to maintain posture of your lumbo-pelvis region, making them one of the best core exercises in your arsenal.

The need to maintain a neutral pelvis and lower spine position while bending and extending your hips and knees makes the ab roll-out not only a great exercise for your abs, but also the ideal core exercise to ingrain proper function while squatting.

Caution must be practised with the ab roll-out as form can be easily lost, causing the lower back to dip and in some cases causing strains in the abs.

Many of your adductors connect to your pubis on your pelvis, which is the same area that your abdominals attach. Therefore, combining the engagement of these muscles with the ab roll-out will really work this complex of muscles that have a direct relationship with your pelvis, increasing the benefits.

To increase adductor engagement during the roll-out, simply place a medicine ball between your legs and squeeze your legs together as you roll out.

You can use an ab roller or even plates on a barbell.

1.      Kneel with your hips stacked over your knees and grasp the roller/barbell.

2.      Take a big gulp of air, while engaging your core musculature.

3.      Slowly roll the roller out to the front and allow your body to extend. Ensure your lower spine doesn’t dip.

4.      Once your hips are fully extended or you have reached the furthest point your core strength allows, slowly return to the starting position.

5.      Exhale.

6.      Complete 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps (pauses can be used at the bottom).

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