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Hey, thanks for showing interest in my Online Coaching service.

I program for professional and amateur athletes around the world, as well as fitness professionals and enthusiasts who want to take their training to the next level – for fit pros, this service can also include business mentorship at no extra charge.

My focus is health and performance. I see no benefit in being able to lift heavy and run fast if you are constantly riddled with niggles and injuries.

My programs are designed to maximize performance, minimize the risk of injuries, and manage/rehabilitate any current/historic issues – stronger, faster, fitter and healthier!

All programs are tailored specifically to your needs and goals, and I track your progression closely using the TrueCoach app.

What you get:

I use the TrueCoach app which keeps everything in one place:

  • Access to your own TrueCoach client account.

  • Ability to input pertinent information – goals, fitness test results, and other metrics.

  • Access your bespoke program with video demonstrations for every exercise – I track all your metrics and make appropriate adjustments to your programming.

  • Upload pictures and videos to the app for me to view and assess – great for movement screening and technique analysis.

  • Chat with me at any time using the private messaging service within the app.

  • Weekly evaluations and modifications – constant guidance and motivation.

I only work with a select number of online clients at any given time to ensure I can provide you with optimal coaching – click the button below to secure your spot.

Cost: £120 / $170 per month – no contract.

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