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Free Intro – Posture & Movement

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The free intro has been developed by our head coach Jason Curtis.

Jay is a highly experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach, who has worked with professional athletes from countless sports, specialising in both the development of elite level performance and reconditioning after injury.

Since leaving the British Army where he worked as an Army Physical Training Instructor, he has worked with 100’s of clients from the general public. Ranging from young children to the elderly, those suffering from severe injuries and ailments, to those who just want to improve their fitness, strip fat and build lean muscle.

Jay is the author of “Fix Your Posture: A simple Exercise Solution”, an Amazon bestseller. He has developed this intro as a quick start guide to better structural health and movement – Enjoy!

You can also download a FREE copy of a Unique Muscle Manual designed by Coach Curtis by visiting our sister site:

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